Long Term Conditions (LTC) have a devastating impact on mental health. 

Date: The first set of sessions begin in March and classes will run in the evening.

Duration: Running over a period of 8 weeks; 1-hour sessions.

Location: Virtual. You will be sent a zoom link once you register.

Cost: £400

Registration: To register, please leave your details below and we will be in touch to arrange payment.

Course Overview:

Most of the evidence showed that acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) improved quality of life and sleep, and reduced pain and psychological distress.
But what is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy? ACT (pronounced as one word ‘act’, not A-C-T) is a newer form of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy that looks at how thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations can sometimes make life more difficult.

There are two main aims in ACT:

1. To enable people to lead richer, more fulfilling lives by identifying & pursuing their values. When we talk about values, we mean considering how we want to be in the world. By thinking about the qualities we would like to demonstrate in our actions, we can identify how we want to treat ourselves, our loved ones, friends, colleagues, and the world around us.

2. To develop skills to accept distress and pain when they get in the way of pursuing our values. It’s all too easy when we’re struggling with pain, depression, or anxiety to get ‘hooked’ or ‘pulled in’ by these feelings and start acting in ways that pull us away from our values. Have you ever snapped at a loved one when the pain is too high, or avoided seeing friends if you’re struggling? That is what we mean by getting ‘hooked’ by pain.

ACT is a very active form of therapy. We don’t just discuss problems, but instead work together as a team to more skilfully handle difficult thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations (including pain). This will help you to reduce the impact and influence of thoughts and feelings.

Of course, like developing any new skill, it takes time and practice. Like learning the guitar, or riding a bike, simply discussing it, or reading about it won’t help you to play a tune. The more you explore and practice these ideas, the more helpful you will find it.


Chris Hutchins Joss is an experienced Cognitive Behavioural therapists (BABCP accredited) holding a senior role in Psychological Talking Services, with further Postgraduate training in Long Term Conditions (LTC), including Chronic Pain, Cancer, MS, IBS, COPD, Diabetes and others.
Chris is currently the team Leader for Long Term Conditions, with a special interest in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Elsa Hanekom Fidalgo is an experienced Cognitive and Behavioural CBT therapist (BABCP) and is currently the CBT team leader and has a background in Clinical Psychology, and is interested in how a Biopsychosocial approach informs effective treatment for LTC’s. She has further Postgraduate training in Long Term Conditions, including Chronic Pain, COPD, Cancer, MS, CFS, IBS, Diabetes and others.
Elsa is also an EMDR (Eye Movement and desensitisation and reprocessing) Therapist, which is recommended for People with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Intrusive Thoughts

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After 4 visits to the Physio department at the hospital, I was signed off but there was no improvement. My GP said it was something I would have to live with for the rest of my life which is when I looked for an alternative treatment.

After 3 visits to Elrina the swelling was considerably better and over time my calf muscle and knee movement has returned to normal. I cannot thank her enough and would recommend her to anyone.

 Mrs V Pearce, Ash, Surrey