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Elrina was the missing link to my health & happiness. I have sciatica and so every day I was in pain. Now I have days pain free & the other days I understand what’s going on and I can manage it. Totally 100% recommend her.

 Sandra King

I have never met anyone who understands the human body (& mind!) quite like Elrina at Fleet Physio! Physio, acupuncture and a holistic approach to overall wellness – her experience, breadth of knowledge & extensive professional qualifications plus her ability to calm, reassure and offer great practical tips always leave me feeling so much better after every treatment. You can also have an online consultation which is hugely empowering… knowledge and expert advice will help you feel better, calmer and stronger. See you soon!

 Joanne Bonnett

Elrina is amazing. She was highly recommended to me by my post-natal yoga teacher and I just wish I had taken her advice and gone to see Elrina much sooner than I did. Elrina is a superb physiotherapist and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Women’s Health issues. I truly feel that all post-natal women should have a Mummy MOT. Elrina made me feel instantly relaxed and has given me lots of hints, tips and exercises to do at home, as well as providing in-person treatment sessions which have thoroughly helped my coccyx, neck and back.

 Yvonne Cocker

Elrina delivers an incredible service, as she not only offers her expertise as a physio, but also emotional support, and an extremely well-rounded knowledge of the body as a whole. She has been instrumental in the healing process of my pelvic floor, and I have nothing but praise for her and her business. Would recommend to anyone.

 Rebecca St. Vincent

Elrina is professional and knowledgeable whilst at the same time human, approachable and kind. Her philosophy towards patient care where the patient also has a part to play in his or her wellbeing (mental and physical) is spot on. Highly recommended!

 Gerard Evans

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